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I had the nasty experience of tearing all of the muscles and ligaments loose in my left shoulder.  The Orthopedic Surgeon did a great job of putting them back together and securing them to the shoulder.  Then he sent me to Joy Kagawa, PT at Sierra Physical Therapy.  At this point in time I was unable to lift a sheet of paper.  Joy worked with me for months and the result was *JOY GAVE MY ARM BACK TO ME*.  Some ten years later my arm is still performing well.  This lady is very professional, very knowledgeable, very personable and a slave driver, and she gets positive results.  She is my heroine!  Would I go back to her for treatment?  You couldn't keep me away.
Dick D.

Over a year and a half I was treated for three different conditions (shoulder-neck and knee).  Many times I arrived for an appointment with a lot of pain and fear I would never get well.  The care and encouragement given by you and your competent staff changed everything.  You identified specific goals for me and we could see progress in the function and comfort level.  I am truly grateful for the competent, professional and compassionate care I received at Sierra Physical Therapy.
Marilyn M.

I have had two total shoulder replacements in the past four years, and both times I had my therapy treatment at Sierra Physical Therapy.  Every week I could see progress, making my recovery smooth and efficient.  I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for treatment.  Joy Kagawa and her staff are the best!
Cheryl C.

In the past five or so years several of my doctors have prescribed physical therapy for my various afflictions.  In each case-at least five times-I have elected to use the services of Joy Kagawa.  Mrs. Kagawa's place of business is large, fully equipped and extremely clean.  Her staff is professional, friendly and eager to help a struggling patient.  I believe that Sierra Physical Therapy is a credit to our community and a real life saver to those of us who are impaired or in pain.

Keep up the great work Joy, Suzy, and Bing!
Ted W.

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