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We have been patients at Sierra Physical Therapy since 2008 due to orthopedic surgeries and we can testify that the care that we both received on all occasions was superb.  Our experiences were extremely beneficial in this professional, friendly, fun and caring atmosphere.  The results we experienced after our sessions are why we are doing so well today.  Joy and her staff have a passion with motivation to help each person who enters their door.  We thank them for helping us and for their friendship.
Marianne & Denny L.

Recently I had a total knee replacement.  I was given several Physical Therapy Facilities to choose from and picked Sierra Physical Therapy in Oakhurst.  I was a bit nervous and didn't know what to expect.  From the moment I entered the door, Joy and her staff gave me comfort and confidence that with some work, a full and quick recovery would be possible.  They were great in tailoring a program to fit my new knee.  We started out slow with a solid base of exercises that I was quickly able to add to as the sessions progressed.  Within weeks of barely being able to walk, I was walking un-assisted and pain free. My surgeon, Dr. Hanson, said it would take about a year for a full recovery.  It's been six months since my surgery and I am doing everything and more with my new knee.  The day after Thanksgiving, I put up our Christmas lights, something that was very difficult prior to my surgery.  Not only did it take a couple of hours less to do, but I actually felt better after putting them up than when I started.  I can't say enough about the blessings of having compassionate and qualified people taking care of you when you go through significant surgical procedures.  I wouldn't think twice about recommending or using their services and expertise again.
John W.

When I started at Sierra Physical Therapy, my neck was so sore that I was in pain nearly all the time.  It had been getting worse for about three weeks.  I could not turn my head easily, which made driving difficult and probably dangerous.  During my sessions at SPT, I learned strengthening exercises and also new ways to do many of my daily activities, which relieved the pressure on my neck.  After doing my exercises daily and practicing the postural changes recommended by the staff, my neck became flexible again.  The things I learned at SPT gradually became second-nature to me, and my neck rarely gets sore now.

Not only was the physical therapy helpful, but the sessions at SPT were actually enjoyable.  The people who work there are competent, understanding, and pleasant, and the clients who are there at the same time get to know one another enough to feel like a group of friends all working together.  Going to SPT was a very healing experience for me!
Barbara U.

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